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Gill Avenue Veterinary Hospital at 2 Gill Avenue in Liverpool, NSW

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2 Gill Avenue,
Liverpool, NSW
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Phone: +61 2 9600 7440

Types: Veterinary care

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    Terrible experience. Took my 7 month old pup to get nails clipped and bit of hair trimming on the face. The stupid vet shaved all of my pups face with clippers and he has red marks on his neck where he went too close to the skin. Then he proceeded to clip his nails too short causing him to bleed. Furthermore he shaved his bottom because he felt he needed to and in the crosses grazed the black of his testicles with the clippers which were red and slightly bleeding. On top of that my puppy's behaviour has changed, he is no longer happy/playful but seems to be traumatised and on the edge all the time. I am so upset with this vet and how he treated my puppy.
    Vinay Joseph
    November 18, 2017
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    Brought my pup in because he couldn't bear weight on his front leg but the vet didn't perform a health check or ask a single question about anything! This isn't what you would expect from a legitimate vet. After placing him roughly on the examination table (my pup is 40 kgs) he was obviously stressed as he kept moving back dangerously close to the edge of the table but seeing as the vet didn't seem to notice or care I took it upon myself to stand behind my pup to keep him still otherwise he would have fallen off. After a diagnosis the vet intended on giving a needle without any explanation. After stopping him to enquire what it was for I was very hesitant and preferred not to let him give the needle but he was very pushy and sternly insisted it was either the needle or pills! I regret letting him give the needle because he jabbed him in the back of the neck and my pup yelped out. It was stressful knowing my pup felt pain unnecessarily. He should have simply pinched the skin and placed the needle in gently as I have seen other vets give needles this way. I was overcharged for the visit and it still angers me when I think about how poorly he treated my sweet innocent pup! The last thing I want is for him to have a negative experience with meeting new people but as I don't plan on taking him again for his next vaccination for another few years hopefully he won't remember this visit which I regret terribly! I was asked to come back in a week to change the bandage and only did so knowing I wouldn't allow any more needles or medication to be given. Unfortunately I had another negative experience as the vet once again without explanation sprayed his paw with a liquid contained in a bottled that looked dirty before slathering on a thick greasy substance which I wiped off as soon as we got home. I also threw away the pills I was told to give him. There was a blonde haired receptionist named Jessica who was very rude and condescending. She came across as being so cold and I felt she had no empathy for the animals there. When I gave her some feedback about my visit and how unhappy I was with the way she spoke to me she said well that's just my opinion and I must be an insecure! I warn anyone thinking about taking their pet here to go elsewhere. The vet and staff are unprofessional and based on my two visits there I doubt they have any compassion for the animals they treat. If the vet causes unnecessary pain whilst the owner is present I shudder to think what he does to the pets when he's alone with them. I also have serious doubts as to how clean and sterile the examination table and equipment is kept, especially the instruments used during surgery. It's not worth risking your pets health or life by taking them to this vet. I wouldn't allow him to perform even a minor procedure no matter how much money you paid me! The dogs held in the cages that I could see from the examination room looked absolutely miserable and I felt so sorry for them. Please think twice about boarding your pet here, it's better to do a bit of research and find someone you trust will look after your pet. I 'll never go to this vet again and every opportunity I get I'll tell people about my terrible experience at Gill Ave vet. I strongly believe this practice should be shut down.
    October 23, 2017
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